Ok: Soccer, Treefort, Titus, Prom, Summer!

by John McNichol May 22, 2017

Hey, all! Here’s what’s been happening: 1) Soccer! Thanks to one of several amazing websites, I was able to get resold tickets to the FC Dallas Soccer game for less than a quarter what it would have cost to by them retail! James chose soccer for his big event (I took Dan to Hockey, Chris […]

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Okay, now more:

by John McNichol April 6, 2017

Thursday, 4/6/2017 Hey, all. Okay, let me write-up that ‘more’ I promised a while back: On March 17th: Big St . Patrick’s Day! 1) Made Potato pancakes with a fried egg and chives on top, ranch+dill dipping sauce for brunch! Spent the early afternoon going bowling (reduced rate! Whoo hoo!). Next day, on the 18th, […]

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St Pat’s, and Crazy Dogs….

by John McNichol April 2, 2017

4/2/2017 Hey, All! St Patrick’s day is a fave in my home. For breakfast on the Saturday after, I made Potato Pancakes with eggs over-hard yolk, and sourcream on the side. Turned out well! Even the fussiest eaters ate when I told them it was a giant french fry. We had Irish Rovers music playing […]

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It’s Lent!

by John McNichol March 5, 2017

      Lent…..   …yeah, it’s like that. I’m restricting my food intake. Seeing I just can’t get over the weight-loss hump of a certain point, plus teaching Dante’s Inferno to my amazing students and seeing what Dante had in store for the Gluttons in the 3rd circle of Hell….well, yeah. I’m going to […]

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Hey! Wanna hear me speak?

by John McNichol February 21, 2017

…..I’m with CMG Booking. Check me out as a Catholic speaker! http://www.cmgbooking.com/catholic-speakers/john-mcnichol Thanks, all! JDM

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New times! Great times!

by John McNichol February 11, 2017

2/11/17 Hey, all! Well, mid February, and I can be outside at a lit fountain at a lovely outdoor mall in Dallas (“Southlake”), 77 degrees with a full moon, a clear starry sky and a soft breeze blowing through my hair. I have a wonderful job, my wife is healthy, my kids go to a […]

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Happy New Year! And Travel and parties, and….

by John McNichol January 16, 2017

1/16/17 Hey, all! Jeanna and I had a wonderful new years! Some new friends of ours, the H——-s, invited us over spontaneously for a NYE visit, along with some other folks from their parish, Mater Dei in Irving, TX. Jeanna had a wonderful time, especially! It was great to see her chatting with the ladies. […]

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At the Zoo…and…puppies?

by John McNichol December 30, 2016

Fri Dec 30/2016 Hey, all! Trying to find activities for a visiting college student and the rest of the family can be a challenging experience. “Well, KatieKat, you chose the Library the other day, what else would you like to do?” “Hmmm….the zoo?” Sounds good. Jeanna and I got up, made a nice breakfast for […]

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Christmas! Post Christmas! And other Stuff!

by John McNichol December 28, 2016

12/28/2016 Hey, all! Merry Christmas! Oldest and KatieKat flew out here for Christmas, and we had a good time.  Short? Yeah, but there’s often too much at these things to either do them justice or put them in the proper context. Oldest flew back on the 26th, KAtieKAt is here for about 2 more weeks. […]

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Date Night, and Merry Christmas!

by John McNichol December 19, 2016

December 19/2016 Hey, all! Lot happening the last little while: 1) Eaxms. My students finished them a few days ago, and I am still wading through finishing them (hope this is the day!) while doing the life-thing right before Christmas. While I was at work on Friday & the kids were done, I looked around […]

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