by John McNichol on October 30, 2017

Hey, all!
Yep, been a while. Lots, lots has happened in the last few months, Family stuff, Job Stuff, Medical stuf, and…..
Check it all out below- hit the kickstarter, toss in some dough….maybe I could drop by your house & do a reading! Click below and come on by….

Hey, all! KIckstarter for the final Gilbert book is up! And away we go…
Love Christian fiction? Steampunk fiction? Help launch Where The Red Sands Fly, thrilling conclusion to the Young Chesterton Chronicles
About this project:
First published in 2008, the Young Chesterton Chronicles opened up a new direction in Catholic fiction. Far from being a “dead” market, the series proved that there was definitely a market for great stories told with a Catholic flavor and mindset. >However, despite selling through printing after printing, times grew hard for most Catholic publishers. Several Catholic publishers closed their fiction lines, and even the Young Chesterton Chronicles had to find a new home.
But now, in 2017, with one book left to publish in the series, the YCC has a new ally in the world of Catholic publishing–an ally that can tip the scales, turn the tide and get this series back on the shelves and ready to move Catholic storytelling forward again. and that Ally is…
You! You, with your dollars, your love for great stories, your love for the faith, and your desire for a new literary culture to rise again in the tradition of Tolkien, Lewis and Williams. You are the greatest ally this series has, because you are the kind of person who made The Tripods Attack a best-seller, kept the series afloat by buying its sequel, The Emperor of North America , and have asked for years about the progress of the third and final novel in the series, Where the Red Sands Fly.
…and is that third book coming? The one we’ve been waiting seven years for? Yes, indeed! We’re nearing the finish line at last. But to cross it, we need you!
Risks and challenges
There’s a lot that goes into making a book happen besides typing on the computer and hitting the send button. The first two novels in the series were published by two different publishers (in 2008 and 2011), and we are now attempting to get all three in one publishing house. Restoring the copyrights of the first two books to the author so that this transition can happen will, in our case, cost a bit in fees to smooth out the intellectual property wrinkles. In addition, the third book is ready to go to editors (to whom we need to pay a living wage), and the previous books will need an additional edit before republishing by our new publishing home, Hillside Education.
This Kickstarter will smooth out all publishing wrinkles with the stroke of a key on your keyboard, providing the needed funding. Your contribution will help us to transfer the rights of all books in the series to the author, and pay for editing necessary to get the third and final book in the series in print. Having full rights to all three novels will do more than just give all three books a common home; Hillside will be able to market and license the YCC brand (Who’d like a Gilbert action figure! C’mon, you know you want one!), and a host of other things. …
Well, if you’re tired of waiting, and would like a bit of swag and a personal visit from the author thrown in to boot, here’s your chance!
CLick Below to join up, get free swag, and be part of the most amazing adventure series in Catholic fiction of the modern era!
….plus, it makes a cool Christmas gift, too! :D

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A New Mexico Catholic October 30, 2017 at 8:05 pm

Hey Mr. McNichol,
Me and my brothers absolutely LOVE all of your books. I read The King’s Gambit to all my younger siblings and they loved it too. We’re so excited to hear about the next book in YCC coming out soon, and really can’t wait. We will pray for the continued growth of good Catholic fiction in our world, so desperately needed these days.
Me and my brothers are also glad to hear of the extra editing your books are going to get. In The Emperor of North America, there is one little thing that is a little strange to us. In the beginning of Chapter 75, when Herb and the Cowboys are in the Emperor’s city, Harper asks Margaret why they left Herb behind “a few floors back”. Then they hear the voice of Emperor Norton and the scene shifts.
Herb is later shown as running from the Dormitory after Johnny zaps Strock, and then, in the next scene with the Pinkertons when the Emperor talks to them, HERB is mentioned as being led out by Finn and the Cowboys when Norton orders the robots to fire! How did he get back so quick and quiet? Gold level is definitely a few floors away from White Level. Or maybe they have turbo lifts? Herb is with the Cowboys from then on, of course, but anyway, we just thought it was a little weird how fast he traveled.
All the best, and May God richly bless you, your family, and your work.


John McNichol October 30, 2017 at 9:11 pm

Heh! Good point and sharp eyes! If that’s the only little oopsie you found, I feel better- there were a few others, truth be told. :)
Herb had been trained and conditioned to be a spy for the Special Branch, which left him able to move quicker and use resources that ordinary folks like you and me would have trouble using. Example: In a scene that was excised, Herb found a tube with fire-poles that pilots used if they had to scramble to their flying machines…hence his ability to drop several floors very quickly :) I think I’ve just found the first scene to put BACK into the next edition of the EoNA! :D


Angelo March 19, 2018 at 10:42 am

Hey Mr. McNichol,
I’m a really big fan of your books, and I just tuned in now to your blog! Is there any way I can still fund on kickstarter?
God bless,


John McNichol September 10, 2018 at 12:45 am

Hi Angelo! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Many, many things happing in the Mcnichol household!
We’ll be doing the new fundaraiser- this time on gofundme. :)
We’ll keep you posted!


Lady Ruth Smith July 2, 2018 at 7:42 am

Hello Mr. John McNichol,
Was reading through your post today.
It’s really amazing and I would like to as well purchase most of your books please how do I get access to this books,
Thanks for sharing this amazing information.


John McNichol September 10, 2018 at 12:47 am

Hello, Lady Ruth! :)
Glad you like them! The best way is to go to my publisher, Hillside Books.
Have a great day! :D


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