Hey! Summer is here!

by John McNichol on June 12, 2017


Hey, all!

Big couple of days.
Had a surprise visit from my sister-in-law from the West Coast. A lovely, lovely time. Nailed down when Jeanna, kids and I will be visiting the coast; we had initially planned for the whole family to go out at the same time, but a) some family issues b) Dano has a job c) Christopherd has summer league b-ball d) I have a course in Triviium as the next step towards my PhD, e) Christopherd and Jamesy are going to summer camp with the Legion priests & about 500 other boys…

Yeah ,summer’s pretty busy

Made it through first year of teaching at THS, though! Whoo hoo! Great year. Still miss St John’s in a number of ways, but I know I’m meant to be here for a whole bunch of reasons….

I found Dano a job at a factory, but it was a pretty far drive, and…he found one himself! Whoa! Hard to find those things back in our neighborhoods (one of my other children out there has put in 20 apps for a summer gig, interviewed,  straight A’s and all that. Still nada. )…so he went online, made a phone call, and PRESTO, he had a job just four miles from home.

Went to a wonderful concert last night! Orleans, the band best known for the 70′s pop song ‘Dance with melee….I want to be your partner, can’t you seeeeee…..” , Good conversation with our friends, the C–s, and the best Long-Island Iced Tea (frozen) I’ve had for a long time- since I drove down her nearly a year ago, in fact!

RIP, Adam West. You were a mainstay of my childhood. God’s speed to you.

Today, winning with the C–s and the G———–s at Joe Pool lake. Kids had a blast, and then we finished the day with mass at a beautiful parish, St. Thomas Aquinas, In Dallas. Took Susie to her gal-pal’s for a sleepover, then a late dinner at our favorite Dallas pizza place, I-Fratellis.

Pictures to follow! Looking forward to seeing old friends soon. :)
Dear God, thank you for my family. Heal old wounds, bring your Children under Our Lady’s mantle of protection. Amen.

(Pictures to follow- I’ve driven a LOT today, and I’m tired. :) )

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