Oh, yeah! Prom! And his Grad speech!

by John McNichol on May 22, 2017

Hey, all!
Oh, yeah! My son Danny went to prom & graduates from high school this Friday!
Dan and anna telepak prom 2017-2

…Dano asked a lovely young lady from his class to be his date, with a small bouquet of flowers and a sign saying “I saved the best for last!”

Y’see, a week before prom, Dad (me) sez to Dano:
“Umm…hey, Dan? Were you thinking of going to prom?”

Dano : “Uhhh…I dunno.”
Dad: “Ummm…it’s in a week, Dan. Were you thinking of asking anyone?”
Dano: “Uhhhh…I dunno.”
In a rare burst of inspiration, I gave him 2 checks, each one enough to buy a prom ticket. “Buy one for your self, maybe one for a friend, or tear ‘em both up! Your call, bud.”
…ok…he bought one for himself. Then, Friday, day before prom, I came out of the School theater, and saw Dano, standing outside the art room, holding aflowers and a sign.
….and how he got both touched my heart.
See, Dan was the new guy this year. He transferred for Senior year, and he had a lot asked of him here.
But you know what? The kids rallied around him.
The boys in his class though he needed more flowers, so they ran around the school classroom to classroom, getting flowers for his bouquet. Two other students took time in art class to help make the nicest, cutest little sign you ever did see.
And Dano asked one of the prettiest gals in the school, and she said yes. Every Dad is happy at news like that.
But what made maven happier was the way his class shifted into gear, helping his ‘asking’ to be the best it could be.
How did I react when I saw Dan with his stuff?
“Dan?!?” (sinks in….) “You’re asking someone? Who, son?”
Dano: “(whispers) Dad, go away!
Me: “But who’re you…”
Dano: “DAD, GO AWAY!”

Me: Okay, okay….
….I walked the other way, letting Dan have his moment.
Unfortunately, he’d hoped to do this quietly, but I’d had a class of hyperactive teenage girls behind me, and when they saw Dano….
“SOMEONE”S GETING ASKED!!!” They shrieked, as I walked away, chuckling. :)

dan and anna and anna-catharine and lorenzo ths prom 2017

Prom buddies!- Danny,Anna, And friends. :)

ths seniors prom 2017

Some of The Highlands School Seniors! What an amazing bunch of kids!

Well, it was a good night.
Dano is just finishing up-  He was exempted from all his exams for high grades, so now he’s just getting a few loose ends tied up before his grad this Saturday.
Here’s his grad speech. Yes, I shed a few tears. 
Thank you God, for a good year. Please continue to bless my family as you’ve done since we moved out here,

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Stephanie May 23, 2017 at 12:08 am

Hey, that gorgeous gal is my college bestie’s daughter! The Apple doesn’t fall far…


John McNichol May 23, 2017 at 1:07 am

Hey, did we know you/did you go to Franciscan? Her mom was 2 years ahead of us at Franciscan University. :)

Her mom was instrumental in so many ways in guiding us on our move.
Yes, she’s a lovely young lady. I was so happy to hear not only of Dan asking her, but all the ways in which the senior class helped him in helping him get the best ‘asking’ possible. :) Teaching at The Highlands School has been a huge privilege this year, and I’m so happy my family got to be part of this wonderful community.


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