Okay, now more:

by John McNichol on April 6, 2017

Thursday, 4/6/2017

Hey, all.
Okay, let me write-up that ‘more’ I promised a while back:

On March 17th:
Big St . Patrick’s Day!
1) Made Potato pancakes with a fried egg and chives on top, ranch+dill dipping sauce for brunch!

Spent the early afternoon going bowling (reduced rate! Whoo hoo!). Next day, on the 18th, we had, St.Paddy’s day stuff in Ft. Worth after we spend the morning getting shots for the dog and a friend moved. Busy day!
Latre, Making dinner, while the Irish Rovers play in the background on youtube! Yum! Jeanna made beer-battered fish while I made beer-cheese dip, and a tumbler of Guinness for kid that wanted it, dyed green, of course.

Both lent and St. Paddy’s day mixed well! And green mint milkshakes for dessert.
Heh….kids get a little tumbler of Guinness, dyed green.

…I’d wanted to hit an Irish pub, but instead…. Best of all, Jeanna broke into a dance- an Irish Jig! – at the Drunken Sailor song!
Jeanna and Claire were Irish dancing to the Irish Rovers on Youtube while I clapped time.
Better than any pub, for me, I’ll say.


Getting ready for Easter now; prom is coming up for the older kids, trying to get Jamesey to look presentable for school in the morning, Trying to get Chrisopherd to balance his schoolwork and sports, and…
We got a visit from the Dog Whisprerer!
We’ve been having trouble curbing the dog’s agression. A local person wwe met on the ICON network graciously and generously donated her time to show us how to train PIper to see us as alpha dogs, rather than sheep she wants to herd. Preferred method with the Australian Shepherd: Poke it in the gut, like its mom does.

Next day: “SHe’s like a normal dog!”
ANswer: “Yeah, and it only took 3-400 gut punches to get her there…..”

Not bad as it seems….still… :)
Good dog. Good house, Good kids. Great wife, Awesome job!
Thank you GOd, for all you do for me and my family, especially the things I don’t notice. :)

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anonymous April 6, 2017 at 5:04 pm

Is Where the Red Sands Fly happening still?


John McNichol April 8, 2017 at 6:02 am

Yes, it is marching forward. I have a publisher interested, and have secured the services of an editor to do the munching nunch.
But, since I still retain the rights and you’ve waited so long, email me at jdmcnichol85@gmail.com if you’d like an emailed copy of the current draft. I always appreciate an Ideal Reader to give feedback before the piece hits publication! :) :D


Jer May 13, 2017 at 9:45 pm

Could we get a Texas update?


John McNichol May 22, 2017 at 10:10 pm

Just gave ya Two! Enjoy! :D


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