It’s Lent!

by John McNichol on March 5, 2017




Lent…..cap during lent...


…yeah, it’s like that. I’m restricting my food intake. Seeing I just can’t get over the weight-loss hump of a certain point, plus teaching Dante’s Inferno to my amazing students and seeing what Dante had in store for the Gluttons in the 3rd circle of Hell….well, yeah. I’m going to curtail my food intake this Lent. And by the 3rd day, I’m like Cap above.


catholic meme batman ash wednesdayI always know when I’m around a non-Catholic on Ash Wednesday. :)
A number of good things lately:

-We have a trampoline

-we have a puppy! An Australian Shepherd Mini (?), about a month old. The name we settled on was Piper, but Jamesy keeps calling it ‘Pooper.’ :)

-I got some 2nd hand tickets to take Chris to his 1st B-Ball game. Dallas Mavericks vs. Philadelphia 76ers. Mans won! And Chris loved it. Not as much culture among the Mav fans as the Stars fans, but we still had a BLAST! Event tickets here are way cheaper than they were in Portland, thanks to this neat resale site I found that’s based here in Dallas. Whoo hoo!

-Susie’s buddy gal BFF (whatever the slang is today for best friend) will come by next week. Yay!
-Took Jeanna to see Stomp for Valentine’s day- did I mention that? The whole 7th row was empty….away we went! :)
-Susie’s soccer team didn’t make the playoffs…by one point…which was scored in a 10-shot PK series after both teams went into double overtime, scoreless…a heartbreaker, but…now she’s in track!
-Chris is IN basketball for his middle school team, and may be going to Indianna and Chicago with the LoC priests on the Conquest trip. Conquest is kind’ve like Catholic boy scouts, but without the goofy politicized junk and with explicitly Catholic teachings mixed in with the amazing sports, speaker sand other events.

-We have also found an amazing local artist, whose business is performed un Akathist Art here in Dallas area. We met Mrs. N_ when Susie began babysitting the N_ kids, and (as has happened with so many other wonderful folks out here) struck up a friendship! She’ll now be using her considerable art skills to make a McNichol family crest we’ll hang in our living room. :)

-I’ve started my courses at UD. A tad spendy, but I get a little discount for being a teacher. Yay!
God thank you for the good things you’ve given me. Thank you for Lent, and for the crosses you’ve given me. Amen.


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