New times! Great times!

by John McNichol on February 11, 2017


Hey, all!
Well, mid February, and I can be outside at a lit fountain at a lovely outdoor mall in Dallas (“Southlake”), 77 degrees with a full moon, a clear starry sky and a soft breeze blowing through my hair. I have a wonderful job, my wife is healthy, my kids go to a wonderful school, and…
well, updates:
1) We had several of the Consecrated women from the local Legion of Christ house over to our place for dinner a few weeks back. What are Consecrated? Some of the most amazing ladies you will likely meet. :) ¬†Seriously, the house rang with laughter, as they ate our barbecue’d food (it IS Texas, after all!), Snuffer’s-style fries, baked veggies and other good stuff…plus a nigh-apocalyptic game of Apples To Apples afterwards…”What, Dad? They’re awesome! One of them went to Mount Doom in New Zeland, and another one knows how to play Call of Duty, and this other one won at Apples-toApples…with¬†Clairebear as her partner!”
Good ole’ Christopherd…. ;) Jeanna said later it was the best time she’d had since she came here, and my kids informed me that we WILL be inviting them again. Okay, okay…. :)

2) We have a trampoline! Found an amazing deal online, to good to pass up. Still haven’t touched the fund earmarked for the remodeling of the house yet, so we could get this bit. A lot of work, but good bonding time in the sun with the boys, esp. Dano, who made himself indispensable.

3) (Dang, it’s a lovely evening. Three couples around me, to set of cuddles, and another w/ the girl playing her ukulele and the guy singing along. A group of goofy teens not being obnoxious, but walking by enjoying the night and each other with laughter. Warms my heart. Okay, back to the blogpost) I’m back in school! Loving being on the other side of the desk, and getting to read (and in some cases re-read) Melville and Hawthorne. Love it, Love it.

4) Found some wonderful new friends! My daughter answered an ad for a babysitting job, and we found yet another couple who could have been transplanted out of the ultra-creative Norhtewest…except they are devout Byzantine Catholics! Wonderful folks, had us over for brunch with about 20 other people, and when I was looking for someone to help me find a store where I could find a McNichol family crest….the good folks at the ICON network pointed me right to our new friends! Amazing! Yay!

5) Well, the benches aren’t as comfy as the Barnes & Noble chairs here at Southlake, so I’ll end it for now. Please pray for my family, that God continues to lead and guide us.

Thank you Lord, for the good job, safe house and wonderful people you’ve helped us meet since we’ve come here.

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