Happy New Year! And Travel and parties, and….

by John McNichol on January 16, 2017


Hey, all!

Jeanna and I had a wonderful new years! Some new friends of ours, the H——-s, invited us over spontaneously for a NYE visit, along with some other folks from their parish, Mater Dei in Irving, TX.
Jeanna had a wonderful time, especially! It was great to see her chatting with the ladies. Jenna’s been a trouper, but sometimes she’s had a tougher time adjusting to our new life out here. When they invited us again to a potluck at their parish, the teens groused a bit, but the little ones loved it, and…well, after we’d been there a while, I asked Jeanna if she was ready to go.
“No,” she said. “I wanna see my friends first!”

Friends! :D
So, we have friends. Most important: JEANNA feels she has friends. She had them before, people were good to her and I, but it took her a bit until she really felt confident enough about them to believe folks wanted to hang out with her, just for her, not just out of obligation or pity. See, hon? People TRULY like ya here! :D
And now she felt comfortable enough to say she wanted to stay LONGER. Yay!

At this writing, she’s visiting her family over on the west coast. Thank you, CheapOair! Making plane fare  affordable for folks like us! Whoo hoo!

Yahoo! Hooray! Friends threw her a party….and then her family threw her another party the next night!

Jeanna's Galls threw her a party! She's popular girl, eh?

Jeanna’s Galls threw her a party! She’s popular girl, eh?


…so, I’ve had be Mr. Mom the last few days. Hasn’t been bad, really. I’ve been cooking more than before; mostly breakfasts, but I made Georgian chicken for the first time the other night. Kids have been happy, and times that would’ve had us snapping at each other at other times passed with mellow-ness…mostly. :)

Also: Took the kids to the Dallas March for Life on Saturday! Saw a lot of folks dressed in different native American outfits, & found out many folks who were of Mexican descent were doing a repurposed Aztec dance, one that *had* been used to honor Aztec gods, but were repurposed for use to honor Christ and the blessed Mother when she converted the Indians as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Since OLoG is wearing the clothes of a pregnant woman, she is often honored at the March for life.

And honored she was! I am seldom prouder to be a Catholic than when I see what a STRONG Catholic presence is seen at every March for Life, from Washington to Texas, the Catholic presence is unmistakable and undeniable. I know there are both Christians and protestants that are pro-life, but the Church has stood strong against this horrible evil for as long as it’s existed, and especially for the past 40+ years since the infamous Roe Vs. Wade decision was handed down, starting at the Dallas courthouse where our march ended.

Enjoy the pics! I’ve kept some out since (surprise!) there was a good-sized bunch of student from The Highlands School there, and I don’t use pics with my students in them without permission. :)

Here’s a few! Enjoy!
dmfl aztec dancers

dmfl aztec dancers 3

dmfl aztec dnaces 2

dmfl before the march

dmfl james and claire

Clairebear and Jamsey and one of my colleagues from THS. Hooray!

dmfl march during

dmfl march is over

Heh! Chris couldn't make it since he had a B-Ball game. He won, & he scored!

Heh! Chris couldn’t make it since he had a B-Ball game. He won, & he scored!




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