At the Zoo…and…puppies?

by John McNichol on December 30, 2016

Fri Dec 30/2016

Hey, all!

Trying to find activities for a visiting college student and the rest of the family can be a challenging experience.
“Well, KatieKat, you chose the Library the other day, what else would you like to do?”
“Hmmm….the zoo?”
Sounds good. :)
Jeanna and I got up, made a nice breakfast for everyone, Susie had a friend over, and we all hit the Dallas Zoo. Yay for 1/2 price season! KatieKat, being used to the colder temps of Montana for college, was insistent that we NOT go on one of the 80 degree days we’ve been having down here in TX. Fortunately, the day was 59 degrees and thus met the approval of cooler-acclimatized college students, semi-jaded high school students and hyperactive little kids alike. :)
Also agreed to take two cars since everybody was getting squished in the Honda Odyssey….KatieKat distinguished herself by being a good navigator for Jeanna through the sometime challenging streets of downtown Dallas, and we made it!

Elephants! My 'ancient' camera was in good form today! :D

Elephants! My ‘ancient’ camera was in good form today! :D

Mandrill! Came right up to us! Did you know their posteriors are rainbow colored, too?

Mandrill! Came right up to us! Did you know their posteriors are rainbow colored, too?


Jamesy and Clairbear closing around at the children’s zoo…that poor little brass lamb! ;)


Christopherd and Clairbear in an underground bubble at one of the exhibits ! :D

…Jeanna, ever the resourceful one, had us made out lunches so that we wouldn’t have to buy the $10 hamburgers they typically sell at these places. :) So, we had good time.

Afterwards, a Looooooong drive up to Plano to drop off Susie’s sweet galpal, and then another lounge drive home….then another loooooooooooong drive out there (seeing a pattern yet?) to look at- puppies!


KatieKat and Christopherd checking out the adorable merch! ;)

Yep! We were looking at puppies at a house…a lady helps the hUmane Society get them bought and adopted. It was an hour drive, and the kinds WANTED ONE. I could tell Jeanna was reluctant, and kept wavering. Fights, tears, cheers, jeers. We had nothing for the dog at home except a blanket to sleep in…needed to buy lotsa stuff…but it was SO CUTE!

“Hon, take a walk around the block. If you want the dog x (a 9-week old golden retriever runt), we’ll get it. If you don’t, it a night and see.”

Kids mad, but even the adoption lady could tell Jeanna wasn’t sure and counseled her to wait. Assauged the upset afterwards with a late dinner at McD’s (Jeanna said maybe that was the reason folks were cranky- no dinner yet?)

Got home. Some kids mad & in rooms the rest of the night. Some kids quick recovery and playing video games 2 min after getting home. We’re fine…I hope.

It seems lately that we do a family outing that goes good until near the end then it goes to arguments and tears, but oh-well. We”ll try again. I hope we give KatieKat good memories of her family for when she goes back to the frozen north…maybe a family hike/walk tomorrow?

Dear God, help us to have a good time together, and see our family time as a source of renewal and strength. Amen.

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