Christmas! Post Christmas! And other Stuff!

by John McNichol on December 28, 2016

Hey, all!
Merry Christmas!
Oldest and KatieKat flew out here for Christmas, and we had a good time.  Short? Yeah, but there’s often too much at these things to either do them justice or put them in the proper context. :)

Oldest flew back on the 26th, KAtieKAt is here for about 2 more weeks. In addition to pics from the hockey game Dano and I went to, here’s a few from the trip to Snuffers and the fam on a trip to the Dallas Library (Katiekat’s choice…unusual? Yeah. But so’s my family…). A long trip downtown, made longer by the lack of proper coffee and ice cream shops open past 8pm for the discerning tastes of KatieKat, Jeanna and Susie. [grumble…grumble…coffee is coffee…don’t care what they say in the northwest…grumble…hungry…) . GPS got us lost on the Dallas Highway system going home- something weird, telling us to take exits that don’t exist…even after I updated it. Someone must not have told the good folks at Garmin that there’s a ton of construction always going on in Dallas. Ah well! Made it home. :)

Yesterday, three-point-five hours at the local DMV to get out Texas licenses. This was our Third attempt to get the junk done and…succcess! “You are now Texans. Congratulations!” the clerk said. a bit weird…no one behind the counter smiled. The girl did thank us for putting up with their long wait, but still. Said a little prayer for them and then a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonderful job I get to do each day that makes me smile and laugh out loud again and again.
God, thank you for my family. Please ignite the faith in my kids that need it. Help me to trust in you . Amen.


Watching the Dallas Stars play- lots of dazzle Dazzle, and fun stuff! When they give the stats on the opposing players who score, the audience yells “Whoooooooo CARES?!?” :) Fun stuff!


Dano at the hockey game! Go Stars!

Dano at the hockey game! Go Stars! (and stop sneaking looks at the Ice Girls/Cheerleaders, boy! ;) )

Dan after the game in front of the arena

Dan after the game in front of the arena


Jeanna and all 7 at South lake Shopping villiage. Ate At Snuffers- best fries in the country, and saw the best Barnes & Noble in the city, too. :)


The boys and I playing Blade Runner: The Game (I design board and card games as a hobby. Yes, geek. :0 )


Visiting the Dallas Library. A young girl with dark glasses was playing & singing so beautifully on the 4th floor it brought tears under my eyes. Glad Jeanna was able to hear her with me.

The eye in Dallas...creepy, but Christopherd, Jamsey and Clairebear love it! :D

The eye in Dallas…creepy, but Christopherd, Jamsey and Clairebear love it! :D

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