Play the Ponies! Release the Anthology!

by John McNichol on September 25, 2016


Hey, all!

In writing news: less than a month before Image And Likeness,  the anthology of fiction themed with JPII’s Theology of the Body, hits the virtual shelves! My story, Two Kinds of People, is among the accepted pieces in the group. Great stuff, and I fully encourage everyone to get a copy & download it once it’s released. Compiled by Erin McCole Cupp, herself an accomplished Catholic author, I’ve read several of the other pieces, and have found them easy, enjoyable, and thought-provoking reads. Go to it!

In McNichol family news:

-getting more things fixed! Had the hot water heater tweaked this week. Going to look at some other bits this week, including some potential leaks in the house. Thus far, nothing has been evident, and we’ve had some lovely instances of warm rain this weekend.

-I got to play the ponies! AND I WON! :) Well, not enough to retire. :) Our amazing realtor, David Ross, took Jeanna and I out to dinner at Silks, a restaurant connected to the local horse racing track out here in Grand Prairie, TX! We had an amazing evening, hearing & trading stories! Best of all, I bet the $2 minimum on a horse with 99 to 1 odds of winning….and it came second! I bet on it to show (come in 1st, second or 3rd), so I only tripled my money…getting back $7.80! Still, whoo hoo! What a great evening!

Later, a bit of rain started up. David Ross has several times proven himself able at spontaneous & enjoyable metaphors, and from the beautiful viewing windows of the restaurant that looked down on the track, he noted that when it rained in that place, the light made it look like “…God just up-ended a bag of diamonds on us.”

And he was right. It was beautiful- my phone-camera didn’t capture it, but it was a lovely sight.
Later the Rosses had to go home, but we were encouraged to stay. Jeanna loves horses, and we went down to the picnic-area that is outdoors (by Portland standards, this wasn’t really rain y’see.), and got to stand at the rail separating the track from the spectators. The lightning show was amazing , but the races were looking like they were gonna be cancelled. We still had a wonderful time, and drove home…just ten minutes from the place! How great is that? :D

Today, mass at St. Alphonsua, a Syro-Malabar Catholic Church out here in the Dallas area. It’s a Catholic Church of a different rite, which serves the East Indian community, and is under the Bishop of Chicago. A beautiful place, and while it’s unlikely it will become our full parish anytime soon, I do love the opportunity to show my kids the actual diversity that exists in the faith, and how diversity is beautiful when linked with a common thread of true, full faith in the only Church founded by Chirst Himself (Matt 16:18).

God, thank you for the wonderful people in our lives, please keep helping us feel settled and comfortable with the wonderful people you’ve put in our paths,


Just arriving- isn’t it lovely? And the food was amazing!


There she is! Jeanna, my good luck charm! Holding the betting slip where Rockaroundit beat 99 to 1 odds and made me triple my money! Whoo hoo! :D


Wonderful blessings to us, David Roos and his wife Jocelyn, and their youngest, who was a treasure to be with all evening! Thank you, folks! People moving to the Dallas area, I cannot recommend David enough as your realtor- he’s received awards as the best realtor in Dallas fro D. Magazine, and has become a wonderful friend besides. Call him at: DMAGAZINE’S 2015 & 2016 “BEST REAL ESTATE AGENT IN DALLAS AWARD” David Ross, Broker REALTOR 972-424-9266


On the track at the end of the evening- isn’t she lovely? :D

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Andre September 25, 2016 at 2:25 pm

Thanks for the continued updates, John! May God bless you and your family!

Great to hear about your latest book. And hopefully the third Young Chesterton book will be soon to follow… although waiting for that does start to feel like waiting for the second coming. ;)


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