What a Weekend!

by John McNichol on August 28, 2016


Hey, all!

Made it through the first full week of school, and life is GREAT!

Not only do I have amazing students and colleagues and admins….(yes, one of my friends recently said that the place sounds like one of those pacs where everything is so awesome, it hides a lot to take over the world…no, nothing like that has shown up yet! ;)) but Jeanna has been making a number of connections as well! The C– family, who helped us unload the U-Haul, had us over for a movie and games on Saturday, and then a jaunt over to Poole lake here in the Grand Prairie area afterwards! Yey! It’s been great to see Jeanna & the other kids connecting with ofthers…Susie had a little jaunt at the Mall in Dallas with two of her new friends, and Today we tried out Mater Dei, the local Latin mass, as a family. Great lunch the place provided us!

Afte swimming, home. Relaxing, Jeanna’ll make pork chops later.Soething else neat: The high school boys had thier retreat this week, and the players went from an exhausting retreat to playing a football game that night! Susie’s doing great as a cheerleader- all is going pretty well. :) Please keep praying for the decisions my older kids make, that they are in comformity with God’s will.
Pics later onn! Got a few sticks of furniture this week, including a nce, big woonden table for free! Got it set up in the basement for a four-way game of Warhammer 40k (Me: Black Templar Space Marines, Christopherd: Ultramaries Space Maries, Jamesy: Space Orks, and Dano: Necrons), but first we’re gonna have to have a repair-our-army party, since so many plastic arms & legs of our army men got broken off in the move. oops!

God, please bless my family, and help things to go well,

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Colin August 28, 2016 at 8:37 pm

Hi John,

Great to hear your move to Dallas is going well!! Thanks for the photos. I realized the last time I’ve seen Jeanna or any of your kids was in Cincinatti and Daniel was in a stroller. Wow time flies! :)

We’ve been travelling this summer and I wanted to send you some photos of all the cool churches and monasteries we went to. What is the best email to reach you at these days?

God Bless to all of you! Colin


John McNichol August 30, 2016 at 1:54 am

Hey, Colin!
jdmcnichol85@gmail.com is best. I’ll nail the kids down one morning and you can see how much Danny has grown! :D

God bless,
Your friend always,


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