Happy Halloween!

by John McNichol November 3, 2016

11/3/16 Hey, all! We had our first Halloween in the Li’l ole’ state of Texas! Jamesy was a convict Christopherd was a martial arts guy. Calirebear was Ilsa from the movie Frozen I was…Vault Boy! From a popular video game series called Fallout. I was even able to get a working replica of the Pip […]

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Nice weekend!

by John McNichol October 14, 2016

10/14/16 Hey, all! Where to begin… The THS Blazers won last weekend! Playing great football, and I got to do the ‘Dab’ again …this time flanked by Susie and the Cheerleaders afterwards to celebrate! Unfortunately, they had me try a new dance afterwards on Monday called (ahem): Ju-Ju-On-The-Beat. Despite my attempts to learn from a […]

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Play the Ponies! Release the Anthology!

by John McNichol September 25, 2016

9/25/16 Hey, all! In writing news: less than a month before Image And Likeness,  the anthology of fiction themed with JPII’s Theology of the Body, hits the virtual shelves! My story, Two Kinds of People, is among the accepted pieces in the group. Great stuff, and I fully encourage everyone to get a copy & […]

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by John McNichol September 12, 2016

Monday, Sept 12th/2016   What a lovely weekend! We’ve had a busy one, but a productive one! Friday night: Football game! My Sophomores asked me: Will you come to the game, Mr. McNichol? Will you dab (the latest dance move) if we win? Heh, I said. “If you guys win, I’ll do a dab for […]

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Friday Night Lights, Saturday night fire pit action!

by John McNichol September 4, 2016

9/4/2016 Hey, all! Hi guys! Every now & again I have an experience that makes me think of a nostalgic Ray Bradbury novel. Not the kind with rocketships and martians, but the kind where he waxes with poetic nostalgia about his idyllic, smalltown childhood Here’s Susanna and Jeanna and Chris at the game last night. […]

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What a Weekend!

by John McNichol August 28, 2016

8/28/16 Hey, all! Made it through the first full week of school, and life is GREAT! Not only do I have amazing students and colleagues and admins….(yes, one of my friends recently said that the place sounds like one of those pacs where everything is so awesome, it hides a lot to take over the […]

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She Drove on the Highway, and our First Houseguest! :D

by John McNichol August 13, 2016

8/13/16 Hey, all! Nice little milestone out here this week: When we had our amazing realtor, David Ross, look for our house, we told that that (among other things) we needed to be close to side streets & able to get around without the highway. Jeanna, since her stroke, has had difficulty driving in unfamiliar […]

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by John McNichol August 11, 2016

Hey, all!Busy, busy, Busy! Getting ready for the new school year, kids getting tested, going for orientation, and me getting curriculum ready for my future students! Just a few pics for now:1) The Arlington Mall at night. Like Standing in a a sauna, but the sky was beautiful. 2) Family arrived in Dallas! The poor things had […]

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Moving….FORWARD! :D

by John McNichol August 9, 2016

Hey, all! Well, the house is good and I like it! It’s older, which means it has a few things to be fixed. Some of the Things that Jeanna and her mom have said were broken turned out to be fine…whew! Moved the fridge into place with Dano and the help of an appliance dolly, […]

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Saturday, Saturday…

by John McNichol August 7, 2016

Hey, all! Summary of Saturday: -woke up, after sleeping for 8.75 hours (that’s a LOT for me!) -Picked up a Washer & Dryer from a couple moving to Edmonton (Thank you, Mike, Sarah and the ICON network!) -Unloaded the truck, with the help of some old and new friends! -waiting for the internet to get […]

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