Moving….FORWARD! :D

by John McNichol August 9, 2016

Hey, all! Well, the house is good and I like it! It’s older, which means it has a few things to be fixed. Some of the Things that Jeanna and her mom have said were broken turned out to be fine…whew! Moved the fridge into place with Dano and the help of an appliance dolly, […]

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Saturday, Saturday…

by John McNichol August 7, 2016

Hey, all! Summary of Saturday: -woke up, after sleeping for 8.75 hours (that’s a LOT for me!) -Picked up a Washer & Dryer from a couple moving to Edmonton (Thank you, Mike, Sarah and the ICON network!) -Unloaded the truck, with the help of some old and new friends! -waiting for the internet to get […]

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Days 3 and 4….

by John McNichol August 6, 2016

Hey, All! Nope, I  didn’t disappear. Just got very, very busy. Starting over from… Day 3 I rolled through Wyoming, and saw the most beautiful mountains I think I will ever see. The best parts couldn’t be photographed, since I was in motion and had to make time each day.   Colorado was beautiful too, […]

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Broke-down in Denver…

by John McNichol August 3, 2016

Hey, all! The Brakes on the U-Haul started doing the electronic-screaming-thing at me after I finished my lunch at Wendy’s (eating my own Ham & Cheese sandwich, water bottle, and bought fries as an excuse to sit in the AC’d place.) , so I called roadside, and as of this writing, he’s still checking things […]

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In Rawlins, WY

by John McNichol August 3, 2016

  In Rawlins, WY!   Whew!   Driving: Not so bad, except for the darn leg cramps, and my GPS which teases me at the beginning of the day by saying that I’ll hit my destination by 4:15 in the afternoon….then 4:30…then 5:30….then 7pm….I now know that 8.5 hour journeys by map quest take about […]

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In Glenn’s Ferry, ID…

by John McNichol August 2, 2016

Day 1: ….so why Dallas? Short version: I’ve been looking at getting my PhD in Lit for a while. I have 2 Master’s degrees, but they couldn’t get me the University prof job I was angling for a few years back. UDallas has a program that is affordable, had a good academic rep, and there’s […]

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by John McNichol August 1, 2016

  Hello, all! John here again. Well, the McNichol family is up and moving about! Starting tomorrow, I get into the U-Haul truck, and begin the long drive from Vancouver, WA to Dallas, Tx! I plant to move the family to the suburb of Grand Prairie, TX so that I may pursue my PhD in […]

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Oh, yeah. I write books, too.

by John McNichol June 28, 2016

6/28/16 Hey, all. -Well, things have been BUSY the past few, even if you don’t take into account Jeanna’s latest steps on the road to recovery (see previous post): – 1) It appears a story of mine, titled Two Kinds of People, will be featured in an anthology of Catholic short stories. Centered around themes […]

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The Last Angiogram?

by John McNichol June 3, 2016

6/2/16 Hey, all! Well, we had another little milestone today. My wife, Jeanna, went for what will hopefully be her last angiogram since her stroke, now 2.5 years ago. She has been in recovery for a while now, and made great progress. With an angiogram, the doctors put a special dye into the bloodstream, and […]

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Dang, still been a while….

by John McNichol April 11, 2016

4/11/16 Well, hello everybody! Okay, it’s been a while (again!). My Father-in-Law noted that it’s been a good seven weeks since the last post. Crimony, but it gets busy out here! We’re a couple of days away from opening the kickstarter to help assuage some of the issues holding back the series. Whoo hoo! Jeanna […]

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