Happy Birthday…Happy Advent, too!

by John McNichol on December 13, 2016

Hey, all!
lot in the last few weeks:
1) Jeanna’s birthday was a few days back! Great time- we managed to get everything on her list, and had a lovely little celebration for her in the dining room! Thanks to some of the good folks at the Irving Catholic Online Network (ICON for short), I found a place that delivers Thai Food (Jeanna’s fave) right ┬áto your door for next to nothing more!

Dipping into the money set aside for remodeling, we got her a rug for the living room, and we chipped in to get her a nice jewelry box, too! Susie helped me pick out a cake on the way home, and the kids made cards and everything. All went very, very well. :)

2) Met a long time fan! Yep, Lori has been a fan of the Young Chesterton Chronicles series fr a number of years, and we finally got to meet her face-to-face this past week! Lori became to our family something few folks become to writers: Fans who become good friends besides. It’s been a treat to see her sons grow up, get married & have kids via Facebook for the better part of the last decade, and she was good enough to buy Jeanna and I lunch when she was in the DFW area where we now live!



3) I had a little lesson in humility, too this week. I ordered a used copy of one of my books through Amazon, and…I got a copy in the mail I’d signed for another family back in 2011.
Well, well, well. ;)

I crossed it our and re-dedicated it to the brothers here at my new school. It all works out in the end, eh?

4) Exams! Yikes, but I think this time was more stressful on me than my students! I put together the first batch of High School exams since I came out here. Totally impressed with the professionalism and academic integrity the exam system has at THS. Now, to work at grading these huge mounds of paper! :D

God thank you for all you do for me, especially the things I don’t notice. Please help those family members still adjusting to life out here to embrace it and love it as much as I and others do,

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