Happy Halloween!

by John McNichol on November 3, 2016



…he’s from an underground fallout shelter, called Vault 111. :)

Hey, all!
We had our first Halloween in the Li’l ole’ state of Texas!
Jamesy was a convict
Christopherd was a martial arts guy.
Calirebear was Ilsa from the movie Frozen
I was…Vault Boy! From a popular video game series called Fallout. I was even able to get a working replica of the Pip Boy, a gadget the video Game character uses in Fallout.
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…in other news: An anthology of Catholic fiction came out recently…and a hard-boiled murder-mystery story of mine was in it! Whoo hoo! Hit Amazon and get yours!

We’re finally getting to a point where we can start having more folks over. The other night, we were blessed to have Fr. M- and Bro. J_ from the Legion of Christ over to our house for dinner. Fr. blessed our house, and payed a fiercely competitive game of Apples to Apples afterward. :)

This weekend, the big gala at The Highlands School, which is also celebrating an amazing year with our V-Ball team going to State! Whoo hoo! Great Job, folks! 

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