Nice weekend!

by John McNichol on October 14, 2016


Hey, all!
Where to begin…

The THS Blazers won last weekend! Playing great football, and I got to do the ‘Dab’ again …this time flanked by Susie and the Cheerleaders afterwards to celebrate! Unfortunately, they had me try a new dance afterwards on Monday called (ahem): Ju-Ju-On-The-Beat. ;)

Despite my attempts to learn from a recent video tutorial, it didn’t turn out quite as well as my last attempt at Dabbing….but the kids still apparently liked it enough to put it on Snapchat. :)

Susie got asked to Homecoming! A nice young man in the 10th grade asked her, and she said yes. I had to play the part of the concerned father a bit, but I’m not worried about him or her. :)

Saturday, a fair bit of stuff going on. Cleaning up around the house, then…date night! Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and then a movie at the Discount theater [Masterminds- a dumb criminal movie that had us both laughing. :) ]

Mass on Sunday at Holy Family of Nazareth, and then to homework and a restful Sunday afternoon. This week, the kids are bouncing off the walls a bit in expectation of Homecoming. All kinds o adventure and excitement and events next week, culminating in the “HOCO”, or the Homecoming Dance. :)

Neat to see the kids getting involved in a number of the activities and the local culture. Susie’s date will apparently buy the ‘Mum’, an enlarged, artificial Chrysanthemum flower worn like a corsage, while she’ll buy him a garter that goes on his arm.

Term ends soon- a bit of grading to catch up on, but that’s ok. ┬áThis place is great, and I’m having a great time. Jeanna made a family favorite for dinner this week, her apple sausage bake, which she learned from my Mom, and she smiled all day. :)

This weekend, an away game. Susie still doing cheer, and I’ll get her later at night. Dan has a fever, but I found a fellow gamer through the ICON network out here, and we played the Blade Runner tile / card game with Chris. Chris tuned me into a Replicant, but Stephano rallied and…I got beat at my own game! :)

I also figured out a simple & cheap costume for Halloween- since I like the Fallout series of games, I’m going out dressed up as the Fallout-Boy! Got my blue jumpsuit already, and now to get some yellow tape and Voila!

Please keep one of our school parents who is suffering with & being treated for brain cancer in your prayers. St. Peregrine, Pray for him!
God thank you for this job, this house, and my family. Please give us a good weekend and good end of term.

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Joy K. October 15, 2016 at 12:51 pm

I had no idea homecoming mums were “local culture.” Actually, I’m quite relieved to think not everyone in this beautiful country of ours has to suffer from the sight of those monstrous things every fall . . . welcome to Texas, McNichols!


John McNichol October 15, 2016 at 6:56 pm

Thank you!
Let me know if there’s anything going on in your area- we may be able to get our families together!
God bless,


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