She Drove on the Highway, and our First Houseguest! :D

by John McNichol on August 13, 2016


Hey, all!
Nice little milestone out here this week:
When we had our amazing realtor, David Ross, look for our house, we told that that (among other things) we needed to be close to side streets & able to get around without the highway. Jeanna, since her stroke, has had difficulty driving in unfamiliar areas, and especially so on unfamiliar highways.

When we went to return the U-Haul  this week, Jeanna followed with her Mom in the van we bought. I pulled over at one point, realizing that the GPS was sending me along the President George Bush Turnpike.

“Are you okay to drive the Highway, hon?” I said in a clapboard church parking I’d drove the U-Haul into, ignoring the stares of the folks who were already there. Oops.

“Umm….yeah!” Jeanna said, acting as if I was from Mars.


Better yet: I was trying to change lanes, looking for a big enough space that Jeanna could follow. Not easy, when you’re a 26ft U-Haul followed by a 7-asenger minivan. :)

Instead, Jeanna took the initiative, swooped into the lane behind me, and then slowed down to give me room! Here I was worried about her, and she took care of me instead!


We visited the school, too. My colleagues are amazing people, one and all, instantly warming up to myself, Jeanna, her mom and the kids. One staffer even said hello by giving my MiL a big hug, and that won her over instantly! The school will be, I think, a great fit, and I’m really enjoying the prep work. The inservice presentations have been interesting and insightful, and I’ve gotten a lot out of them, too.

We also had our first houseguest, a lovely young woman named Mary B_____. We’ve known her & her family since the early 2000s, and now that she’s a University of Dallas student, she dropped by with homemade cookies, and we had a wonderful time & Spaghetti dinner with her. After all the work Jeanna’s been doing, It was wonderful to hear her laughing in the kitchen with our daughter, Mary, and her mom. I helped a bit, too, browning the meat before the sauce was added. :)

Ended the day with the family rosary, and now off to look at used cars, and uniforms for the kids for when school starts!  :)

God thank you for today, and please bless our endeavors. St. Joseph, thank you for your prayers- the move has gone smoothly so far. Whew!
AmenDallas-the girls cookingDallas-first houseguest!

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