Moving….FORWARD! :D

by John McNichol on August 9, 2016

Hey, all!
Well, the house is good and I like it! It’s older, which means it has a few things to be fixed. Some of the Things that Jeanna and her mom have said were broken turned out to be fine…whew!

Moved the fridge into place with Dano and the help of an appliance dolly, thank you Uhaul! I felt a little sad turning the truck in today, to be honest. After driving 2050 miles in it, I actually got attached to the giant thing, leg cramps and all. :)

The job is going great so far! Great colleagues, great admin, got to see my classroom, and meet a few students. MiL took us out to dinner tonight at the Golden Corral- all you can eat place!

Glad to see, too, that several of the kids stepped up to help out today, in unexpected and enjoyable ways!

Still hearing from good friends, even though At&t goofed up our new phone number…but stuff like that is bugging me less and less. A good new friend told me today that it’d be better to just accept that a house built in the 50s like ours is gonna have these kinds of issues; things like doors that stick, stove elements that choose when to work, and so on.

And you know what? I’m not too worried at all.
I budgeted to have repairs like this made from the profit of our first house sale.
Plus, we have a basement! A place where the kids can be noisy! Use pogo sticks, ride their scooters, play ping pong, watch movies with explosions in them, and the whole gamut! A few issues that can be fixed by a repairman is worth that, to me.

And today, JEanna seemed much brighter. A good friend gave me this recently, and I’m going to remember it for a while:


…thank you, St Ignatius of Loyola. You were the patron Saint of my oldest son at his Confirmation. Please pray for him and my other kids as well.
St. Joseph, thank you for the guidance you’ve shown me thus far. Please continue to pray for and guide me, as a Dad who’s moved his family. Mother Mary, pray for me. Christ guide all my steps.


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