Saturday, Saturday…

by John McNichol on August 7, 2016

Hey, all!
Summary of Saturday:
-woke up, after sleeping for 8.75 hours (that’s a LOT for me!)
-Picked up a Washer & Dryer from a couple moving to Edmonton (Thank you, Mike, Sarah and the ICON network!)

-Unloaded the truck, with the help of some old and new friends!

-waiting for the internet to get installed.

Slept well, after struggling mightily to get the mattress into the master bedroom. Whew! Felt good!

Got called in to get the washer & dryer, and met four new friends, Dads with the Icon network. A good day!

At 7pm, old friends showed up to help unload, and then a few new friends (friends of friends, really) showed up and we got to work. Wow…it took a week to pack the thing, and we took it apart in under 2 hours. Whoo hoo! After, we had pizza, and found that the new family I met still remembers Rescues(pro-life protests) that Jeanna was on in Pittsburg in the 80s. “Honey,” I told Jeanna on the phone that night, “You’re a celebrity out here!”

Fellow came by to hook up the internet, but didn’t quite happen. Still waiting, and doing my blogging over at McD’s today.

Sunday (today), went to Mater Dei parish. I haven’t been to too many Latin masses, but this was quite beautiful, and no one gave me the least hassle for showing up out of the dress code they ask parishioners to respect. :) Met some good friends for lunch in the parish hall after mass, and made some mor new friends, too. Whew!

Today: Trying to get the fridge, then building beds, then unpacking. Tomorrow,at the job at 8:30 in the Morning, get Jeanna and the kids and my MiL at the airport at noon, and return the van. Whew!
Thank you God, for the good people you are putting in our lives. Help me to do well,

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