Happy Thanksgiving!

by John McNichol on November 24, 2016

Nov 24th 2016
Hey, all!
Well, the elections have come and gone, and SHE”S NOT THE PRESIDENT!
We had a great party at our new lace last Saturday, inviting several of our old friends from College at Franciscan University who settled with their families in the Dallas area. Among them Daniel Barker, USAF and author of the Sergeant Stone series of action/adventure novels!


...got a chance to meet my two latest biggest fans! :D

…got a chance to meet my two latest biggest fans! :D


Dan Barker, fellow writer and USAF hero!

Jeanna and the kids had a wonderful time! I used our new BBQ grill (50% off since the season’s winding down!) to make burgers and dogs, and we used the fire pit out back of our house for a bonfire and s’mores :)

Now off to Thanksgiving…at the Barker’s house! Jeanna had hoped someone would invite us this year, and voila! :D Making mash potatoes, ignoring inquiries from teens about things they may or may not like…the week has been short at work, but still wonderful.

Thank you God, for the health of my wife, this wonderful place we get to live in, the wonderful people who have reached out to us, and the wonderful school i get to work at & have my kids attend.


Date nights and Train Travels!

by John McNichol on November 12, 2016


Hey, all!
I’ll post political stuff about the new president later. :)

I’ve been trying to find new stuff for us to do here, and fortunately Dallas doesn’t disappoint! A wrong turn on the way home got me at a local DART (the train into town) station, and that set me thinking…
A little tapping on the keyboard, and I had out family outing for Saturday night: A train ride into the city, followed by a mile walk through town, and ending at Uncle Uber’s Sammich shop. Well…

Susie had other friends to see, and Dano had political vids to watch on his laptop and phone. What-evs! ;) The train ride was nice, and the walk there was long, but the food at Uncle Ubers was worth it all! :D A nice fellow named Tony convinced me to try the Cuban Sandwich instead of my usual Burger and fries, and I was glad I heeded his advice. He even gently taught me the right way to pronounce “Dos Equuis”, my new favorite brand of beer. :)

That was 2 weeks back . Tonight! Tonight we saw my favorite band: THE RED ELVISES! Yes, I first saw them in one of my favorite quirky films of all time , SIX_STRING-SAMURAI, and I’d seen them in Portland a number of times. Now,they came to Dallas! Jeanna agreed to come with me, & we got a Texas BBQ dinner from Dickies as part of our ticket price!
BEST: I got to sit & eat beside Igor, the band leader of the Red Elvises! Whoo hoo!

Before the show- check out the big honking base!

Before the show- check out the big honking base!


Opening- man, she rocks that Mad Hatter thing, don't she! Whoo hoo! I told Igor we still love Six String Samurai, and he started with a few songs from it. Thank you!

Opening- man, she rocks that Mad Hatter thing, don’t she! Whoo hoo! I told Igor we still love Six String Samurai, and he started with a few songs from it. Thank you!


Oh, yeah! Jeanna was rocking out when they started playing "Rock This Joint!" :D

Oh, yeah! Jeanna was rocking out when they started playing “Rock This Joint!” :D


…but the best part wasn’t event music, it was seeing JEanna dance again. She rocked! And even though she had to go home a bit after nine when the band took their first break, we still had a blast.

School is still going great! Even though there’s been bumps in the road, the job is great. I’m having the best 1st year I’ve had at any teaching experience, bar none. I loved & always will love St. John’s, but this is going really,really well! Susie is doing cheer AND soccer! Chris starts B-Ball in December, I get to emcee the talent show in a week, and we’ll (Hopefully!) have a little party among our FUS alumni whom we owe so much to. Great, eh?

Jeanna called some folks we’ve met to get together for lunch. I’m so very, VERY happy! Thank you, folks!

God, thank you for my wife and kids. Keep helping them to adjust and make good choices, and to seek you when they make bad choices.


Happy Halloween!

by John McNichol on November 3, 2016



…he’s from an underground fallout shelter, called Vault 111. :)

Hey, all!
We had our first Halloween in the Li’l ole’ state of Texas!
Jamesy was a convict
Christopherd was a martial arts guy.
Calirebear was Ilsa from the movie Frozen
I was…Vault Boy! From a popular video game series called Fallout. I was even able to get a working replica of the Pip Boy, a gadget the video Game character uses in Fallout.
photo-on-10-31-16-at-6-56-pm-2 photo-on-10-31-16-at-6-57-pm photo-on-10-31-16-at-6-59-pm-4 photo-on-10-31-16-at-6-59-pm photo-on-10-31-16-at-7-01-pm-2 photo-on-10-31-16-at-7-01-pm photo-on-10-31-16-at-7-03-pm-2 photo-on-10-31-16-at-7-04-pm-2 photo-on-10-31-16-at-7-04-pm

…in other news: An anthology of Catholic fiction came out recently…and a hard-boiled murder-mystery story of mine was in it! Whoo hoo! Hit Amazon and get yours!

We’re finally getting to a point where we can start having more folks over. The other night, we were blessed to have Fr. M- and Bro. J_ from the Legion of Christ over to our house for dinner. Fr. blessed our house, and payed a fiercely competitive game of Apples to Apples afterward. :)

This weekend, the big gala at The Highlands School, which is also celebrating an amazing year with our V-Ball team going to State! Whoo hoo! Great Job, folks! 


Nice weekend!

by John McNichol on October 14, 2016


Hey, all!
Where to begin…

The THS Blazers won last weekend! Playing great football, and I got to do the ‘Dab’ again …this time flanked by Susie and the Cheerleaders afterwards to celebrate! Unfortunately, they had me try a new dance afterwards on Monday called (ahem): Ju-Ju-On-The-Beat. ;)

Despite my attempts to learn from a recent video tutorial, it didn’t turn out quite as well as my last attempt at Dabbing….but the kids still apparently liked it enough to put it on Snapchat. :)

Susie got asked to Homecoming! A nice young man in the 10th grade asked her, and she said yes. I had to play the part of the concerned father a bit, but I’m not worried about him or her. :)

Saturday, a fair bit of stuff going on. Cleaning up around the house, then…date night! Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and then a movie at the Discount theater [Masterminds- a dumb criminal movie that had us both laughing. :) ]

Mass on Sunday at Holy Family of Nazareth, and then to homework and a restful Sunday afternoon. This week, the kids are bouncing off the walls a bit in expectation of Homecoming. All kinds o adventure and excitement and events next week, culminating in the “HOCO”, or the Homecoming Dance. :)

Neat to see the kids getting involved in a number of the activities and the local culture. Susie’s date will apparently buy the ‘Mum’, an enlarged, artificial Chrysanthemum flower worn like a corsage, while she’ll buy him a garter that goes on his arm.

Term ends soon- a bit of grading to catch up on, but that’s ok.  This place is great, and I’m having a great time. Jeanna made a family favorite for dinner this week, her apple sausage bake, which she learned from my Mom, and she smiled all day. :)

This weekend, an away game. Susie still doing cheer, and I’ll get her later at night. Dan has a fever, but I found a fellow gamer through the ICON network out here, and we played the Blade Runner tile / card game with Chris. Chris tuned me into a Replicant, but Stephano rallied and…I got beat at my own game! :)

I also figured out a simple & cheap costume for Halloween- since I like the Fallout series of games, I’m going out dressed up as the Fallout-Boy! Got my blue jumpsuit already, and now to get some yellow tape and Voila!

Please keep one of our school parents who is suffering with & being treated for brain cancer in your prayers. St. Peregrine, Pray for him!
God thank you for this job, this house, and my family. Please give us a good weekend and good end of term.


Play the Ponies! Release the Anthology!

by John McNichol September 25, 2016

9/25/16 Hey, all! In writing news: less than a month before Image And Likeness,  the anthology of fiction themed with JPII’s Theology of the Body, hits the virtual shelves! My story, Two Kinds of People, is among the accepted pieces in the group. Great stuff, and I fully encourage everyone to get a copy & […]

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by John McNichol September 12, 2016

Monday, Sept 12th/2016   What a lovely weekend! We’ve had a busy one, but a productive one! Friday night: Football game! My Sophomores asked me: Will you come to the game, Mr. McNichol? Will you dab (the latest dance move) if we win? Heh, I said. “If you guys win, I’ll do a dab for […]

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Friday Night Lights, Saturday night fire pit action!

by John McNichol September 4, 2016

9/4/2016 Hey, all! Hi guys! Every now & again I have an experience that makes me think of a nostalgic Ray Bradbury novel. Not the kind with rocketships and martians, but the kind where he waxes with poetic nostalgia about his idyllic, smalltown childhood Here’s Susanna and Jeanna and Chris at the game last night. […]

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What a Weekend!

by John McNichol August 28, 2016

8/28/16 Hey, all! Made it through the first full week of school, and life is GREAT! Not only do I have amazing students and colleagues and admins….(yes, one of my friends recently said that the place sounds like one of those pacs where everything is so awesome, it hides a lot to take over the […]

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She Drove on the Highway, and our First Houseguest! :D

by John McNichol August 13, 2016

8/13/16 Hey, all! Nice little milestone out here this week: When we had our amazing realtor, David Ross, look for our house, we told that that (among other things) we needed to be close to side streets & able to get around without the highway. Jeanna, since her stroke, has had difficulty driving in unfamiliar […]

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by John McNichol August 11, 2016

Hey, all!Busy, busy, Busy! Getting ready for the new school year, kids getting tested, going for orientation, and me getting curriculum ready for my future students! Just a few pics for now:1) The Arlington Mall at night. Like Standing in a a sauna, but the sky was beautiful. 2) Family arrived in Dallas! The poor things had […]

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